American Fire & Water Restoration

american fire & water restoration

You, your property, and your peace of mind are our major concerns.

We are trained in fire and water damage restoration. Whether you have a house, a condominium, or an apartment we will respond quickly. All of our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. This IICRC certification assures you of rigorous training and high quality standards.

We will work with you and bill your insurance company.

For storm, fire, water, flood, sump pump failure, or other disasters call American Fire & Water Restoration at 513-779-HELP (4357).

Almost every disaster has more than one problem that needs to be resolved quickly and simultaneously. When the a fire occurs, when the foundation leaks, when the sump pump fails, when your house is flooded, call us. We will help you with the damage from the fire, smoke, odor, water and related damage issues. We recognize that these are not separate problems but all pieces needed for restoring your tomorrow.

We are fully qualified building professionals that have chosen to focus on restoration. As builders we recognize all the needs of home restoration. The list below shows some of the items we consider every time we receive a call.

Water Damage

No one is aware of how much damage water can do, until it happens. We have water damage experts that will quickly dry your walls, floors, ceilings, and whatever else the water has damaged. We work with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge to restore businesses and homes to pre-loss condition.High Pressure Drying of Ceiling

Structural Drying

Your home or business probably has water in the walls, floors, and ceilings. Today’s tighter more energy efficient buildings can develop water internally. This water can lead to mold, mildew, or the cracking of drywall. We will use sophisticated, multifaceted technology to thoroughly, safely, and quickly dry your structure. Most building owners are surprised to learn that drywall that has been wet and is then dried becomes stronger than new drywall.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration, Odor Abatement

The results of a fire include smoke damage and an odor that seems to cling to everything. American Fire and Water Restoration has a combination of technologies and the training to repair the damage, remove the smoke damage and eliminate the smells and odors.

Carpet Cleaning

The water and fire damage to one portion of your house does not mean you have to replace all of your rugs all over the house. We can deep clean and dry all of your carpets. We use air mover technology that is highly effective in drying all the layers of your carpeting.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind is the way most people treat their air ducts and dryer vents. Allergens, pet dander, dust and dirt quietly accumulate in both of these systems. We can remove these irritants from air ducts for a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment. Cleaning your air ducts may improve your HVAC system performance, and cleaning dryer vents reduces the chance of fire.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image of Water DamageWe use thermal imaging cameras to “map” hidden water and moisture that can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs if not corrected. Quicker identification of all the damage allows for less expensive and less time consuming restorations.

Construction Rebuilds

In addition to our Restoration Industry credentials and experience, we are also fully qualified building professionals who can return your property to its pre-loss condition in an expeditious and thorough manner. We work on restoring your tomorrows.

Bed Bug Eradication

Bed bugs are making a comeback throughout America, and Cincinnati is no exception. In fact, according to a Time magazine article, one in five Cincinnatians has experienced bed bugs this year! American Fire & Water Restoration is the only company in greater Cincinnati offering patented RxHeatTM one-visit elimination of bed bugs, using our thermal eradication technology. No chemicals, no pesticides, and NO MORE bed bugs!